Excavate Finance


Information on our tokens - $MINER and $EUSD

$WMINER - Redeem 1:1 with SMiner


$SMINER - Redeem 1:1 with WMiner

  • SMiner will be airdropped to wallets that hold WMiner on a 1:1 ratio on 17th Sep UTC.
  • SMiner is the primary token that will be used during the pre-gen pools.
  • Single Stake SMiner to earn more SMiner.
  • When Pre gen pools end, you can swap sMiner for Miner in a 1:1 ratio.

$MINER - Our Share Token

  • $MINER is our share token, whose price tends to be directly proportional to the value of our protocol Excavate Finance.
  • Max Supply: 100,000.
  • Gets emitted only through farms.
  • Token Distribution
    • Presale - 20,000
    • Farming Rewards - 50,000 emitted over 6 months
    • Community DAO Treasury - 10,000 sent at launch to have the community become and remain the largest whale.
    • Ecosystem Grants - 10,000 vested over 6 months and distributed to other projects that build on top of $EUSD.
    • Team Wallet - 10,000 vested over 6 months to incentivate the team.

Excavated USD - Our $BUSD Pegged Token

  • $EUSD is our algorithmically pegged token that aims to be 1:1 pegged with $BUSD.
  • Max Supply: ∞
  • Gets emitted through the boardroom and genesis pools.

Excavated Bond - An $EUSD Bond

  • EBOND are special tokens that are issued by the treasury as an instrument to stabilise the price of $EUSD.
  • Max Supply: ∞
  • Workings - Bonds get minted and issued during times of 75% of the price stability bot's health as a proactive measure of bringing its health back up. EBONDs can be claimed as $EUSD with a premium once its health returns to >110% of the target health.