Excavate Finance


Contract Information
Start Date and Time — August 30, 12 Noon UTC (8AM EST)
At the presale, you’ll be able to buy $SMiner at a discount. When the pre-genesis pools ends, you’ll be able to redeem SMiner on a 1:1 ratio with $Miner. The extent of the discount depends on how soon you buy $SMiner. We have split the presale into 6 rounds where every successive round of presale sells $SMiner at a higher price. Here’s a breakdown of each round on the number of $SMiner available and its price
We expect the earlier rounds to get sold out soon because of the very limited supply of $SMiners that’s offered.
1. At what rate will the initial liquidity be added?
Liquidity for $Miner/$Busd will be added @ $21 per $Miner.
2. How do I interpret the table above?
The first row reads as follows — For the first round of presale that will be held on the 30th Aug, there will be a total of 20 $SMiners available to purchase at the rate of $10 per $SMiner.
3. Will there be a wallet limit on how many $SMiner I can buy?
Yes, there is a per wallet limit of $2000. Contact a Discord mod if you wish to buy more.
How to Participate
To buy in the presale -
1. Go to https://app.excavate.finance, The page where our presale will be held.
2. Click on the Blue Connect Wallet Button. This should open up a popup. This popup will let you choose between Metamask, WalletConnect or Coinbase Wallet. Connect your wallet with one of these 3 options. Once connected your page should be similar to this screenshot
3. Click on the “approve BUSD” button (You don’t have to put in a BUSD amount that you wish to buy just yet). This will allow you to spend BUSD to buy SMiner. Once approved, wait for a success notification popup.
4. The green button should have now changed from “Approve BUSD” to “Buy SMiner”. If the button hasn’t changed, refresh the page.
5. Enter in the number of BUSD worth of $SMiner that you want to buy in the input box. The text box beside it should tell you the number of sminer that you will get for an input BUSD. Once decided, click on “Buy SMiner” and complete the transaction to successfully buy SMiner.
If you have any questions or if you are stuck in a step, join our discord and open a support ticket. Our discord moderators will be happy to help you.