Excavate Finance

Pre Genesis Pools

Earn SMiner by staking various assets.
Contract Information


The main purpose of the pre genesis pools is to bring in general awareness of the project during this time so that when the EUSD Genesis Pools starts, there will be sufficient awareness for a decentralised start of the project (Highly concentrated wallets could cause the downfall of the project).

General Info

Pre-Genesis Pools will emit SMiner where the emission rate will be continuously changed by our policy makers to ensure that sminer continues to be a scarce asset to deliver value to our investors. You can expect a very nominal APR so that we don't inflate the supply of SMiner.
The assets that you can stake are BUSD, WBNB and SMiner.
The highest allocations will be given to SMiner staking, followed by BUSD and WBNB staking. The emission allocation percentages are SMiner - 80%, BUSD 10% and WBNB 10%.